Martial Art

Primbondh/ June 29, 2022/ sports and arts

Martial Art- There is a movement that allows you to defend yourself from enemies or people who are threatening your safety.

Martial is a martial art for helping your body in defending yourself from the threat of attack by other people or other things that can make your body threatened. And martial is very necessary if you are in the face of conditions such as bullying, robbery, and mugging.

Here are some kinds of self-defense sports that you might be able to practice and try to protect yourself.


In taekwondo, self-defense uses both hands and feet, focusing on your stamina, balance, speed of movement, and flexibility. After the second world war, this martial art soared in popularity and members at that time had reached 30 million in every 100 countries.

Kung Fu

The martial sport of kung fu itself comes from China and in China, the military uses it as a defense against their military soldiers. China is currently developing mixed martial arts or in other words MMA (Mixed Martial Art), martial arts from SOCP, Krav Maga, and Systema.

Pencak Silat

The martial art of Pencak silat has existed since 1550. It is a form of self-defense that uses bare hands to bring down the enemy. Then, the technique possessed by the white dove itself has been used by Kopassus and the TNI, which are Indonesian military forces.


This self-defense is more dominant in hand strength which is different from taekwondo relying on the strength of the legs. So, This martial art sport is quite popular among the public and has quite a lot of fans. For the Indonesian state, karate is considered a national sport.

Muay Thai

It can be an alternative for your body as a sport as well as self-defense. So, You need a strong physique if you want to try muay Thai in helping your body defend itself or just as a sportsperson.

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