Health effects of exposure to radon gas on human

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Radon gas is a carcinogen; in other words, radon poisoning might give you cancer. It is that natural element which no one would like to get contact with because it’s hazardous for human health. According to EPA, this gas is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and also the second leading cause in smokers, so ultimately it’s unhealthy for every type of human being. Radon gas can’t be detected that much easily unless you are using some radon gas detectors. Sometimes people don’t give that much importance to small things, but it’s the ignorance which causes more problems than anything else. There are many health organizations which are trying to develop more advanced radon gas detectors, and all of them have only one piece of advice, and that’s to avoid this natural element in every possible way. 

There are various side effects of exposure to radon gas on humans which most of the people are still not aware of it. Now to enlighten those people here, we have gathered some information which will give you hins why should you avoid getting in contact with radon gas and what problems it might cause.

Major Health Effects of Exposure to Radon Gas on Human

Cancer in Miners

If there’s one thing which is causing more problems to miners health then its exposure to radon gas while performing their duty. We all know that miners are those people who have to work in a difficult situation and that are where they get exposed to one of the dangerous natural elements, and that’s radon gas. A person can get infected with radon gas; also they won’t even know about it until they start to get some severe symptoms of an acute disease like Lung cancer. How many health organizations are stating that miners have higher chances of getting lung cancer because of the exposure to radon gas. Radon is a product of the radioactive decay of uranium; underground uranium mines may have high concentrations of radon, and that’s where most of these miners work. There’s a high probability that these workers get a severe type of cancers in the later stage of their life which can’t be easily cured.

It Causes Lung and Blood Cancer

There are several surveys which have so far shown us that exposure to radon gas can increase the chances of getting lung cancer. But very few people know that there are many other health diseases which can also cause because of the exposure to radon and one of them is Leukemia which is a form of blood cancer. There are some cases where scientists found that some people who were exposed to radon got diagnosed with blood cancer too. Many people don’t follow the necessary precautions especially when they are living in the red zone area where they get most exposed to radon gases.

Health Risks in Children

One of the primary reasons why many scientists are trying to build the best radon gas detectors is that it is more problems in children. Sometimes people don’t know that their children might be getting new skin diseases or breathing problems just because they have been exposed to radon. Inhalation is the fastest way through which most of the children get exposed to radon, and that’s negatively affecting on their upbringing. Many children face illnesses like asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Problems like asthma and other heart-related diseases might not look more prominent, but they negatively affect on small children’s health. It’s highly advisable to keep your children away from those things which might be exposing them to radon gas.

How Can I Prevent Myself From Radon Gas?

Sometimes people don’t know that they can easily avoid the exposure to radon gas if they know how to recognize it and prevent it. You can avoid this gas by using one of the top radon gas detector tool in the market which will tell you which area of your home is filled up with this natural element. If you don’t want to purchase this tool, then you can always hire a professional to test your home and tell you possible solutions for it also. You will find the list of contractors through many environmental websites for free.

Radon is measured in picocuries. So anything higher than four picocuries, or 4 PCI/L will immediately require your action. So if you’re using any gas detector tool and find that the level of radon is higher than the prescribed limit then take proper steps on them before it gets too late. One of the best ways through which you can protect your house is through sealing cracks or installing a ventilation system which will help radon gas to get out of your home.

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