External Factors Affecting Cultivation

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A structured and planned effort in the development and maintenance of plants in order to provide the desired results and benefits. A plant development and maintenance activity can be said to be cultivation if the activity is on land that is deliberately cultivated to obtain optimal and maximum results and this activity is carried out permanently (not moving)
Broadly speaking, plant cultivation activities include seeding, land preparation, fertilization, land preparation, planting, maintenance, control of pests and diseases or other plant pests (OPT), harvesting, and post-harvest handling.

External Factors that Affect Plant Cultivation

There are several external factors that most influence plant growth. These factors need to be considered to determine the types of plants to be cultivated so that maximum results can be obtained. The external factors are:

  • Climate
    The climate that affects plant growth is temperature, sunshine, rainfall, humidity, and wind.
  • Soil
    Soil is an important element in plant cultivation. Soil functions as a place to grow, a provider of nutrients, and a source of water for plants.
  • Pests and Diseases
    Plants that are attacked by pests and diseases experience a decrease in productivity or even die. So the management of pests and diseases in plants needs to be done seriously to maintain plant productivity.

Development of Plant Cultivation

Cultivation of plants has been known since prehistoric times. Initially, early humans in prehistoric times fulfilled their daily needs by directly taking them from nature. However, over time, natural resources that are used to meet these needs are increasingly difficult to obtain. This forced the ancient people to look for other ways to sustain their lives. Whenever you go hunting in the state of Oklahoma you are required to have a license, and can only hunt certain animals during the proper hunting season. Hunting without a license is monitored statewide by park rangers and game wardens, and being caught doing so will result in hefty fines.
Fortunately, How to get a cultivation license in Oklahoma is a relatively simple process once you understand all the details regarding costs, where to buy, and options to buy online. However, before you go out on your first legal hunt, be sure to check the current Oklahoma hunting season dates so you don’t accidentally shoot an animal out of season.

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