Arts education works. Now, California voters need to pay for it

Primbondh/ December 4, 2022/ arts to education

One perk my son had as a student in the Berkeley public schools was the vibrant music program available to every student beginning in the elementary grades. It’s a program largely funded by a parcel tax on real estate that has long received voter support.

It was through this program that my son was introduced to the trumpet. He excelled at it, ending up as first trumpet in the renowned jazz ensemble at Berkeley High. Ultimately though, he decided not to make music his career. Instead, he studied data science and statistics in college. Recently, he landed a job at a leading tech firm.

My son didn’t end up a musician by profession, but I am certain music education was a key to his success. Unfortunately, his experience is not typical of most students in California public schools. 

Most students in the state are not receiving the level of music

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Arts education is a right, not a privilege

Primbondh/ December 1, 2022/ arts to education

Without art, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

During distance learning, two of my grandparents passed away within a week. As a result, I fell into a depression that felt never-ending. What got me out of the dark was connecting to the California State Summer School for the Arts. For the first time in months, I was feeling creative; I started the rigorous application and was accepted that summer.

Before this opportunity, college was not an option. However, I am attending UC Irvine thanks to the Summer School for the Arts and a scholarship from the Herb Alpert Foundation. I am proof that even the smallest space for art in students’ lives can have a monumental impact.

I realize how privileged I am to have had an arts education, primarily since I had to leave my school district to pursue my artistic ambitions at

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Yes on Prop. 28. Arts education for kids is critical

Primbondh/ November 22, 2022/ arts to education

This summer, Desert Sun reporter Jonathan Horwitz wrote a moving article about the retirement of longtime Palm Springs High School band and visual corps directors Brian and Beverley Ingelson. Under their auspices, Palm Springs High students performed around the world, including at the Sydney Opera House, Disneyland Paris, the Great Wall of China and the second inauguration parade for President Barack Obama. It’s amazing to see our local kids attaining the proficiency to perform at such places and have these world-expanding opportunities at such a young age. 

Arts education has been shown time and time again to improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork. It is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills. Palm Springs High is fortunate to have a strong performing arts program with robust community support. But not all schools in California, let alone our valley, are so lucky.

State law requires

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Jean Kuczka died in Central Visual and Performing Arts shooting

Primbondh/ November 17, 2022/ arts to education

One of two people shot and killed Monday at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School is being remembered as a passionate teacher who loved helping kids take care of themselves and their health.

Jean Kuczka, 61, taught health and physical education at the magnet school. She had been with St. Louis Public Schools since 2002 and taught for 18 years before that at Seven Holy Founders, a Catholic school in south St. Louis County that is now a campus of Holy Cross Academy.

“Her passion is helping kids,” her daughter Abbey said Monday afternoon. “She loved making a difference, informing students and the younger generation about health and being healthy, and playing sports and working as a team.”

Kuczka played field hockey at Lindbergh High School and graduated in 1979. She went on to win a scholarship to play at Missouri State and was on the 1979 national championship

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UTSA Southwest Campus to host Gala in The Garden to support community arts programming | UTSA Today

Primbondh/ November 14, 2022/ arts to education

“UTSA is honored to host Gala in The Garden — an event that celebrates the arts and also directly supports community programs aimed at expanding arts education and training for adults and children throughout San Antonio,” said Kimberly Andrews Espy, UTSA provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs.  “This event builds on the shared commitment to expanding arts education in our city that was brought together as one through the integration of UTSA and the Southwest School of Art earlier this year. As an urban serving research university committed to serving our city, UTSA proudly advances this deep legacy of impact with this year’s Gala.”

Annually, the Gala gathers approximately 600 attendees and raises nearly $500,000 with proceeds supporting arts programs in San Antonio. A key fundraising component of the event is the art sale, which will feature 42 artworks from notable local, regional and nationally recognized artists,

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This Week: Music, arts education, wildfire funds and reproductive rights on the California ballot

Primbondh/ November 10, 2022/ arts to education

October 25, 2022

Greetings from USC Media Relations. With just two weeks to go before Election Day on Nov. 8, voters are being asked to weigh in on California ballot measures on a range of issues. Experts can discuss the proposed tax to fund wildfire prevention and access to electric vehicles (EVs), another proposition to boost state investment in music and arts education, and lastly, a measure to increase protection for abortion and reproductive rights under the state constitution.

(Photo/Wikimedia Commons)

Contact: USC Media Relations, or (213) 740-2215

Will Prop. 30 deliver on environmental justice for communities prone to wildfires?

If approved, Prop. 30 is intended to reduce emissions from the state’s two leading sources of greenhouse gases – wildfires and gas-powered vehicles. It would impose a 1.75% personal income tax on Californians earning over $2 million a year to fund programs designed to expand access

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Government urged to collaborate with artists, place emphasis on arts education

Primbondh/ November 8, 2022/ arts to education

An Expressionism Artist, Damola Ayegbayo, has called on government at all levels to collaborate with artists in efforts to improve the national economy.

Ayegbayo disclosed while addressing journalists earlier in the week at an art exhibition on the input of government activities in revamping the art and tourism sector of the nation.

He said: “Exhibition plays a very important role in the art industry. People come together to attend art fairs and exhibitions, which gives government the opportunity to build to relationships with different countries, using art as a tool.

“The national art museums and institutes can be revived by the government. Foreigners should always be happy and excited to come to Nigeria to visits these museums as a means of tourism and vacations and to enhance their knowledge about the beautiful African art and culture.

“Frequent art exhibitions can be sponsored and organised nationally and internationally by the government.

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What is the Arts Education Partnership?

Primbondh/ November 7, 2022/ arts to education

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Senate Bill 681 was signed into law in July 2020, officially creating an arts high school graduation requirement in North Carolina. This graduation requirement begins this school year with entering sixth grade students.

All 50 states and the District of Columbia have content or performance standards for arts education, but only 32 define the arts as a core or academic subject, according to the The Arts Education Partnership (AEP).1

For nearly 30 years, AEP has

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Join The Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership Program

Primbondh/ July 29, 2022/ arts to education

Artists are often faced with unique challenges – getting noticed, making money, feeling fulfilled and productive.  Often, the freelance lifestyle of an artist can be a roller-coaster and constant struggle to stay afloat and relevant. The trope of the starving artist is real.

A new program designed to pair artists to students may offer a new place to use your creative voice in a teacher/student setting.

The Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership is looking for artists with diverse skills and backgrounds (visual artists, dancers, actors, musicians, writers, etc) to join the roster of Directory of Pennsylvania Artists in Education. These artists will have the unique opportunity to become artists in residence in schools and community sites across Southeastern PA.  

The application process vets artists of all mediums for listing in their Artists In Education directory. Those selected will have access to funding and training during their artist residence. School

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