Arts & Culture Newsletter: For San Diego’s Park Social initiative, a pop-up is next

Good morning, and welcome to the U-T Arts & Culture Newsletter.

I’m David L. Coddon, and here’s your guide to all things essential in San Diego’s arts and culture this week.

As an artist who was born in Tijuana, grew up in the South Bay and now resides in downtown San Diego, Armando De La Torre has seen firsthand the diversity of our communities on both sides of the border. At the Space 4 Art artist-driven collective, where he’s a resident artist, he’s helping to engage with and shine a light on one of those communities that’s underserved.

Spring Tide: A Mini Pop-Up Festival is De La Torre’s project for the city of San Diego’s Park Social initiative. Happening on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Southcrest Recreation Center on Newton Avenue, the festival is a celebration of music, art, storytelling, puppetry and more. Admission is free.

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