Benefits of kratom leaves for farmers

Primbondh/ June 29, 2020/ Business Products & Services

Apart from the good and bad effects, kratom leaf sales are now also easily available in Indonesia. Many parties who sell it through the internet and wrapped as tea powder. High sales make farmers also get similar results.

Iksan Maulana, one of the people living in Tuana Tuha, a village in East Kalimantan that is overgrown with Maeng da kratom, said he could get Rp400 thousand per day from picking 200 kg of kratom leaves.

“When fishing, I burn with the sun all day but I don’t know how much I can get. Although now I am still exposed to the sun (when climbing a tree), this is not as bad as fishing. Kademba (the local designation of kratom leaves) is like a money tree, “said Iksan.

Fertile period is in the range January to May. It is said, as many as 300 farmers can get 50 tons of kratom leaves per month. Which can be used as Maeng da capsules Unmitigated, the benefits obtained from these results reach one trillion rupiah.

Seeing the opportunity, a local resident, Sauqani decided to cultivate the tree. He said that the kratom business is very promising because it can be sold at high prices and the production cycle is fast.

“We can harvest the leaves only eight months after planting. Faster than other plants, such as oil palm which need six years to harvest to buy kratom Sauqani explained.

Previously, local residents in Kalimantan did not know that kratom leaves could be consumed as medicine. They only use the tree bark to brew and drink by the mother after giving birth so that the healing process is faster. But, after getting information that many foreign requests for their leaves, they eventually became kratom leaf farmers.

Responding to the statement of the narcotics agency that plans to raise the classification of kratom as a drug, Sauqani expressed his concern about his business in the future.

“We are convincing the government that kratom will not be abused in Indonesia. If kratom is abused in America, this is not the fault of farmers in Indonesia. Compare with cigarettes, obviously it causes cancer and heart attacks, but it is still sold freely. Kratom must also be treated as such “Sauqani said

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