4 Art And Craft Ideas To Make Great Flowers

Primbondh/ April 19, 2021/ articles about art

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to keep your kids busy is to occupy them with some nice arts and crafts. When kids have lots of papers around them and are given the chance to get creative with them, they tend to develop various art skills.

These art and craft ideas they come up with help in training their emotional skills, cognitive skills, and sensory skills. They can also use the papers they are given to create great flowers that can be given to their loved ones. Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers are great and when they are made from paper by kids, the feeling becomes even better.

In some cases, these flowers can be sold and some people love handmade paper crafted flowers. Looking through Collected.Reviews, you will come across some customer reviews from people who have bought paper flowers and loved them. Read further to discover 4 exciting art and craft ideas to make your amazing flowers.

Create a five-petal flower

Since we all love flowers, you certainly want your child to learn the flower craft. You can start with the five-petal flower which can be made with some nice colorful square shaped paper, glue, scissors, and a pencil. Colorful papers are used because they are attractive and children can make beautiful and colorful flowers with them.

Come up with amazing watercolor flowers

Kids love to play around with their colors and book. Why not convert those things they are scribbling with colors which don’t make sense to you into something reasonable and nice? All you need are watercolors, white chart paper, paintbrushes, small water to mix the watercolor, a small cup to mix the color in and crayons. Now your kids only need to color the paper with different colors, and draw whatever they like on the paper. You have to wait until the paper dries so you can tear and create beautiful flowers.

Flower bouquet made from papers

Do you believe you can make a flower bouquet using paper? Yes, that’s the height of creativity. It might seem like a lot for kids, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. You need straws that can be used as stem, different color of papers, glue, and scissors. Now, how do you go about it? Cut your papers into the shape of different flowers, create a hole in the middle and stick your straws in it then you use tape to hold it in place.

Make flowers from tissue papers

Do you know there are different colors of tissue? This is the easiest type of flower to make; you can combine the various colors of tissue and come up with a bunch of beautiful flowers. You only need your scissors, different colors of tissue paper, glue, straw, and floral wire. Take different colors of tissue, cut them into smaller sizes, fold them back and forth, and ensure they are all folded evenly. Use your scissors to trim the edges, and tie your wire at the middle of the tissue papers, then open them up. Stick your straw into it and your flowers are ready.

These kinds of flowers don’t get spoiled except they get wet or they get manhandled. But be confident that your art and craft will pay off and you will come up with amazing flowers. The above ideas will help you get creative and create lovely flowers often.

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