Why Are Pictures So Important For Vacation Rentals?

Primbondh/ February 20, 2019/ Business Products & Services

Did you know that a traveler is going to be as much as 85{9f1fca3e2cf82d950b59fe3370b514dd640bee1b42b0ec71842a9736293f434d} more likely to inquire about your vacation rental listing if they’re able to view at least a dozen pictures of that property beforehand? Think about it, photographs will be able to show your potential customers exactly what they can look forward to when they book your property listing.

Would you purchase a car or home without seeing them first hand? Of course not, in fact, you wouldn’t purchase anything without at least seeing a picture of it first and foremost. Obviously, you’re not always going to be able to check out a vacation rental in person before deciding to book it, so a picture is always going to be the next best thing.

Good pictures can even have an effect on just how much you can rent out your vacation properties and not only on how many bookings it can attract.

Photographs Showcase Your Rentals in All Their Glory

You might think that it would be better value to take the pictures yourself but you’d really be missing out on quality if you do. A professional photographer will know just how to get the perfect picture to sell your vacation rental.

They will know how to stage a picture, the sort of camera angles that are going to portray a room or property better, and the best lighting conditions to use. They will also have an obvious understanding on how to take a crisp photograph that is in high definition, not blurry, and will be able to sell your property to anyone that views it.

Many will also have some great photoshop skills to brush up the original pics and make sure that the end product is even better.

Tips on Getting the Best Results from Your Pictures

If it were just a case of grabbing your cellphone and taking a few snaps, everybody would be doing it. However, those that are willing to spend some money to ensure their photographs are done professionally are the ones that are really pulling in the money in the vacation rental scene.

Here are some tips on how to get the best results from your photo’s:

  • Have lots of pictures taken – not just a few. Ideally, you want pictures of each of the rooms in your vacation rental and all of the outdoor space such as gardens, the pool, game area, and the external view of the property.
  • Never have pictures taken on dull days/nights or without having the area decluttered. Remove as much clutter as possible and always make sure that the weather is fine.

Knowing how to increase your vacation rental income with great photos is far more important than you might have thought when it comes to your vacation rentals. Have this done in a half-hearted manner and you should only expect a few half-hearted inquiries.

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