Which is the best streaming service in the UK?

Primbondh/ February 23, 2021/ Technology

Now more than ever before, the way we watch TV is changed forever. We are spoiled by on-demand entertainment from streaming services.

Which streaming service do you use? Have you decided on which one is best? Customers of streaming services have shared their feedback and insight into the streaming services they use so you can make a better-informed decision before you spend money subscribing to one.

The best aspect of streaming services is that we get to decide what we watch and when we watch it. We are no longer tied to the schedules of TV channels to enjoy our favorite shows. IF we want to enjoy one episode or an entire season in one sitting, we can do so with streaming services. From old favourites to new and original TV series and movies, each streaming service has its own blend of content.

#1: Netflix

The widest range of TV shows and movies, Netflixs library is the best of the streaming services. They offer classic and popular TV series and their own original shows and movies. Most offerings are streamed in HD and 4K resolution for the ultimate in home entertainment. You can stream TV shows and movies on-demand and there is also an option to download movies and TV episodes to your preferred device for watching off line. The most popular shows streaming on Netflix include Sightless, Tiny Pretty Things, The Order, The Stranger, Blood and Water, and The White Tiger. Don’t miss Master Of None and the Baby-Sitter’s Club. Netflix requires a monthly subscription fee, and there are no other strings attached: you can watch as many TV shows and movies as you wish.

#2: Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is a service similar in structure with Netflix. It offers a subscription service for its growing library of TV shows and movies, popular shows and original content commissioned by Amazon. The content is also streamed in HD and 4K resolutions for the best viewing experience. You can also join Amazon Prime and you’ll be able to join Amazon Prime Video for free as well as enjoy the other rewards and incentives offered by Amazon. As with Netflix, the content on Amazon Prime Video is growing with original content: The Grand Tour remains a firm favourite with their audiences. These include the Harry Potter films, James Bond collection, Batman, The Fast and the Furious, and Doctor Who. You can watch as much content as you wish on Amazon Prime Video, and you can also download some of their content for off-line viewing. You can also add channels with content-specific movies and TV shows at additional charge per channel.

#3: BritBox:

BritBox is a new player in the streaming services realm. It is a collaboration between BBC and ITV to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The library of content contains classic British films and TV shows such as Doctor Who, Downton abbey, and Broadchurch. You will also be able to stream original content. Popular shows streaming are Father Brown, Fawlty Towers, Midsomer Murders, Gardener’s World and The Up Series.

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