What to Wear for Comfort in Amsterdam

Primbondh/ June 23, 2021/ Travel

Packing for Amsterdam when you’ve never visited may not be as easy as you think. One thing to keep in mind is that the Dutch are very fashionable, however, compared to other Europeans, they prefer a more casual style. They’ll wear jeans to work, sneakers or boots all year round, and being a bit laid back when going out.

For women, on a casual day out in the fall/spring, boots, blouse/t-shirt, and a light leather jacket. In the summer you’ll see more dresses without the layering. For men, they’re more polished with fitting clothes when compared to the US. They’ll have white shirts, jeans, and polished shoes at work but be more casual but stylish over the weekend.

Street fashion, on the other hand, has a wide range. From eclectic to functional with women going for vintage clothes and quirky dresses bearing Dutch or Belgian brand names. You’ll also have fashionistas wearing new minimalistic trends. With this in mind, what should you pack when going to Amsterdam?

Rain gear

Amsterdam happens to be rainy almost all year round. You might as well look good in the rain. At a minimum, have a sturdy umbrella that’s not going to break or turn when the winds blow your way. But if you’re spending a lot of time moving from one place to another, a raincoat comes in handy. If you have a rain poncho, you can carry it in your backpack for the sudden downpours. Comfortable and waterproof sneakers or shoes are something you must carry. You can also opt for cute ankle boots to give you that stylish yet simple look.

Non-winter weather

Light Jacket: 

Everyone in Amsterdam has a real or fake light leather jacket. It can be worn on every occasion. Whether you’re visiting Moco Museum, walking on the pavements, going for business meetings, a night party, in the summer, fall, you name it. Hey, remember to have another layer inside your jacket in case it becomes cold all of a sudden.

One or two pairs of jeans: 

Dutch people love wearing jeans all year round so you can never go wrong with this. If you are having a day at museum Amsterdam, you’re safer with jeans and comfortable sneakers. Just don’t have the very rugged jeans.

One casual dress: 

For the ladies, a casual dress would work if you’re going out. Bars in Amsterdam don’t have formal attire so jeans, leather jackets, and booties will also work well. During summer Amsterdam can be brutally humid at night so carry some stylish flats or sandals. Be comfortable, warm, and have loads of fun.

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