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Having an Electronic Health Record System is of Great Importance

Computers are nowadays in use almost in all the sectors of life since it is in a position to make work easier and more accurate. Hospitals have made things easy too with the use of computers such that the use of books and pens in keeping records have been eliminated. Due to the elimination of books for record keeping, there has been order in the medical field such that some records cannot be lost in case some are needed.

The use of computers has made it easy to go through the illness history for different patients hence helps in giving them the best medication. Doctors can know the past illnesses of the patient, lab results and the kind of medication that was made for the patients.

There are several advantages that come on board with the use of the computers in record keeping in the health centers. The patient’s documents that states their health history has been well kept with the use of computers and made them more accessible when need. The access of information is made quick when the hand written information is eliminated since the writings of the computers are far much better and visible as compared to hand written ones.

The kind of payment made for any kind of medication given to the patients has been made cheaper. Since the doctors can access the health records as soon as the patient is admitted, they will not spend much time in the hospital before they are given medication hence reducing the hospital bill. The health records in rare case are lost with the use of computers unlike books which may be misplaced when moved from one place to another. The computer can be in a position to store a lump sum amount of information as compared to books.

Going back to check on the health history of the patient can be very easy and saves on time if they were stored in a computer unlike in books. Now that the use of computers reduces the manpower in the hospital it allows the management to spend more on purchasing drugs and other resources that will boost the health services offered.

The use of computers in health record keeping has been in a position to improves the level of medical care unlike when books ware used. The immediate access to the patient’s medical history allows for a faster response to the sick. On the other hand, the electronic record keeping has made record keeping more accurate and easy access to patients information.

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