Unclogging A Pipe And Services Offered By A Gaithersburg Plumber

If a kitchen sink’s drain is clogged and drain opening products have not successfully remedied the problem, cleaning the pipe that is connected to a drain may be necessary. The following steps describe how to remove a pipe and dislodge materials that are stuck inside of it.


  • plastic sheeting
  • adjustable pliers
  • wrench
  • bucket
  • tube brush
  • detergent
  • water hose

Removing A Pipe And Dislodging Materials

A main water valve needs to be turned off. A piece of plastic sheeting should be laid underneath a sink to prevent flooring from becoming wet. A pair of adjustable pliers or a wrench can be used to loosen and remove hardware that is secured to each end of a pipe. A bucket can be used to collect water, food particles or any other debris that is inside of a pipe. A tube brush and soapy water can be used to clean the inside of a pipe and dislodge materials that are stuck inside of it. Moving a brush up and down in a vigorous manner while it is inserted in a pipe may be necessary.

Rinsing Out And Reattaching A Pipe

A pipe can be brought outdoors and a hose should be used to spray a strong stream of water through its interior to remove soapy residue. After a pipe is brought indoors and realigned with connecting pieces of plumbing underneath a sink, hardware pieces should be inserted by hand and tightened with pliers or a wrench. Hardware should not be over tightened because it can cause a pipe to crack. A water valve needs to be turned on before turning on a faucet to ensure that a plumbing problem has been resolved.

Maintaining Plumbing

A drain protector should always be placed over a drain before washing dishes to prevent clogs. Cleaning the inside of a sink on a regular basis and visually inspecting a drain and removing debris that is located near its opening will help keep plumbing maintained and damage-free.

If an individual encounters a plumbing problem that they cannot repair on their own, they should contact a gaithersburg plumber. A plumber will assist with clogs, plumbing maintenance and installations and often offers emergency services.