The Life of a Conference Production Manager

With conference production, everything has to go perfectly, from the pre-planning to the day itself. It’s all the responsibility of the Conference Production Manager, whose life can be pretty busy

Why is the job of Conference Production Manager Vital?

Planning conferences is complex and time consuming, and it all comes down to getting things right on the day and making sure that if anything does look like going wrong, that a plan is in place to stop a crisis before it happens.

A Typical Day for a Conference Production Manager – It’s All About Multi-Tasking

Typically, when in the office, a conference production manager will be working on several projects, all at different stages:

  • Some will be for shows that are almost ready to go, with just the final logistics to sort out.
  • Others are mid-way through the planning process. The site visit has been done and the fine tuning is in progress.
  • Others are right at the start of the production process. Proposals are about to be presented or are awaiting client sign off.

What About The Site Visit?

The site visit is vital to all conference planning. It usually involves detailed measuring up, and a full CAD floor plan so the client knows what is feasible and what fits where. It also involves meeting the venue conference organiser so that specific challenges and logistics can be looked at and solved. These include:

  • Unloading
  • Parking for the trucks
  • The power supply
  • The height of the ceiling
  • Accommodation for the crew
  • Set up and de-rig times

The more detailed the site visit, the better.

And After the Site Visit?

Once the site visit is complete, it’s time to work out what audio visual kit is needed. The audio visual quality is right at the centre of things and can make or break a show. It means each area needs to be worked through and perfected: sound, video, projection, lighting, data and power.

Then there’s booking all the kit to make sure it is available and will arrive on time for set-up and testing.

Finally, Everything is Ready to Present to the Client

The moment of truth – the presentation to the client: logistics, creativity, timings and costs. There will always be refinements and fine tuning, but if the client is happy, then the countdown to a successful conference can begin.

So, it’s all about planning for the conference production manager to ensure it all goes right on the day.