Is Posting Art Online Breaching Digital Property Rights?

Facebook and other sites like Pinterest as well as Instagram are all great places for us to display your artwork. If you are a graphic designer, then you should have your artwork on a website with digital copyright enabled for your images. Then you need to also show off your work over social media. I mean why would you not do this? Social media and having a website with a portfolio is always going to help your potential or current customers see your skills.

Although, there is one risk involved in making your art publicly available online. Google images display your artwork under its images section. This is there for anyone to copy and place on their website if they want to. Most websites that supply examples of images and artwork like Shutterstock will place watermarks over the images so you cannot copy them directly. This is exactly what you should be doing with all of your own artwork if you can.

On the other hand, if you want to show off digital graphic design artwork you have created for customers, then most of the time you need to lead your social media and website visitors to your client website so they can see your skill for themselves. Well, the issue then remerges in that anyone can just copy those images and place it on their site. Google and Yahoo still index the images and Facebook certainly does not check to see whether people own the graphics they post on its social network.

In fact, I got so annoyed with my artwork turning up all over Facebook that I ended up deleting my Facebook account out of frustration. I used this website to help me eliminate account facebook because I am French, so this is translated to delete facebook account. I mean I could find my images using software that was being resold by other agencies or used on Facebook advertising campaigns. Facebook ignored my complaints so it was time to delete my account because people following my account were just stealing my work.

I had to reopen a new Facebook account and link this to my business. The hassle of reproducing my Facebook business page was also quite time-consuming. After this, all my graphic design comes with a watermark on it and a copyright warning. This has so far worked to some extent, but not to the extent I hoped it would. At least now my artwork is not being stolen as much and touted across Facebook by people that simply followed me because they knew that they could just steal my work.

Instagram has always been really good about copyright. As soon as I complain to them, they get the users to take down the artwork. If you want to find out how to delete a Facebook account “come eliminare account facebook” in my native French tongue, then check out my suggestions.

As for Google indexing my images and putting those on display, some of my older images are still there, which is quite annoying to the say the least. On the other hand, at least now Google also indexes my images that have watermarks on them, so I do not look like an easy target any longer.