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How to Be Successful in Your Triathlon Challenge

A triathlon is described as a one event that is composed of the following three activities, and these are swimming, cycling, and running. There are standard distances in a triathlon that have to be accomplished and these are 1500 metre swim, 40 kilometre bike and 10 kilometre run.

You call the person joining this activity as a triathlete, and since he or she has to succeed in the sports of swimming, biking and running, there are a lot of challenges that this athlete has to undergo in order to succeed. There is no denying then that in order to succeed in this kind of event, the athlete has to have a great amount of discipline to conduct himself or herself. In order for the triathlete to meet his or her goal, one very important thing that should be done is to keep track of the different factors that can help or hinder the person’s training. This tracking of performance can be put in a so-called triathlon log where progress during the training are recorded.

A hopeful triathlete can get his or her own triathlon log and write down the many details of his or her progress that will serve as a monitor record of his or her progress. For you to further your enhance your performance, you can include your observations and thoughts on how your performance can be further improved, aside from writing down the details of your training. For those athletes with training coaches, it is also good to take down notes of the suggestions of these coaches on how to further improve your performance in order to reach your objectives. There are times when an athlete’s confidence is low during trainings, and having a triathlon log would help the athlete motivate himself or herself to continue on with training. With the progress you have accomplished so far that you can read on the triathlon log will serve as a good reminder to continue with your aspiration.
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On your triathlon log, you can write down the following details that will help you improve your performance, and these are your workout data, daily route of your training, distance travelled, average speed for each of the three activities, your pulse rate and blood pressure or your vital signs, any injury or soreness felt, the food you took, list of supplements and vitamins, your weight, the suggestions of your trainer or coach, your own personal observations during the training that hindered your performance or those that can help you improve, and the result of the race.
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There are now online triathlon training logs that you can get from different websites. In these sites are tools offered that you can use to keep track of your performance and make you mindful of your fitness level.