How To Sell Your Artwork Online

Primbondh/ March 26, 2021/ articles about art

As you well know, the art business is profitable, especially if you know your onions and know what you want. You can paint or draw and can make multiple gains on it. Unlike when artworks are mainly sold in auctions, you can now sell your piece of artwork online or work independently from freelance sites as reviewed by Before choosing a platform to sell or display your artistic skills,  make sure you go through freelancer platforms reviews.

You do not have to bother about getting a buyer for your artwork as you can place it online and get as many offers and sell it to the highest bidder. You can do this without leaving the comfort of your home.

Top Online Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Artwork


Etsy has been around for quite some time.  It has built a reputation of being one of the top online platforms for the sale of artworks. The platform provides painters, designers, and crafters to link up with prospective buyers and sell their artworks. With Etsy, you are exposed to a wide range of art lovers that can purchase your artwork when you put it on the platform.


FineArtAmerica is a large artwork marketplace that has both the conventional gallery platform for the sale of artworks and a platform that allows an artwork to be imprinted on clothes and phones. FineArtAmerica is preferred for its versatility.


Amazon is arguably the biggest online store in the world. They have a platform for the sale of artworks. Its popularity is an advantage for you if you place your work of art on the platform.


Ugallery is a high-end online platform where you can sell your artwork and make your cool cash without moving from your sit. They focus mainly on the new and young artist to keep things fresh on their platform so if you’re a young artist, and looking for where to showcase your art, UGallery.

How To Choose The Right Online Platform To Sell Your Art

The numerous options of online platforms to sell your artwork can be confusing sometimes. If you’re not careful in selecting the right platform, you might make a loss on your art. Before making your choice, there are questions you should ask. Some of these questions include:

What Is The Reputation Of The Platform

The reputation of an online platform is essential. If you fall victim to a platform that takes advantage of artists, you only have yourself to blame. Take time out to research the platform before choosing them.

What Is The Commission Rate

This is the way these platforms make their money. Before choosing a platform, make sure theircharges on commission  are reasonable and commensurate with your artwork’s value. Do not be cheated out of your sweat.

What Are The Types Of Art Sold On The Platform?

You should confirm the type of art that is sold on the platform you want to go for. This is essential because you do not want to place your art for sale where it is not wanted. You’ll wait in vain for a buyer.

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