Health: 6 Relationships between art and mental health

Primbondh/ June 29, 2022/ arts and health

Health- October 10 is World Mental Health Day, a day when people try to raise awareness of the importance of mental health in life.

Mental health problems are just as important as physical health problems. In this pandemic situation, lockdown or self-isolation is enough to increase depression in a person and it can lead to dangerous behavior. There is always a way to channel mental stress even though you are still indoors.

Art is scientifically able to channel depression and mental burden

The lockdown period has made people isolated, especially in matters of communication. Astrid said and agreed that the communication could be replaced and directed into a work of art. Clearly, artworks as a medium to release the feelings and mental burdens that have been felt so far.

Art can reduce anxiety and depression

An evaluation of a project called Arts on Prescription showed that creating art can reduce a person’s anxiety by 71 percent and depression by 73 percent. 76 percent of the participants studied said their well-being improved after participating in the art activity. Another 69 percent felt they had become more social.

The distribution of mental health turns out to be related to physical activities that occur

The physical changes that occur while making or performing these arts end up helping to regulate the nervous system. When you draw, you focus your body on the pencil you are holding and your mind on the movement of your hand. This focus activates the parasympathetic nervous system in your body.

In a better case, art can help someone through trauma

The South China Morning Post site once made an article on the link between art and mental health. Art can have a positive impact, namely on post-traumatic growth, the condition of a person who is able to go through past trauma. As mentioned there are four areas of benefit from post-traumatic growth: personal and interpersonal development, as well as life and spiritual orientation.

However, being an artist does not always mean having good mental health

The mental burden of an artist is within us like garbage in a container. Over time, garbage will accumulate if you don’t throw it away, it will make it unhealthy. Through art, you can make waste as the main ingredient of a work of art that makes this vessel empty and clean.

Art as a channel of mental burden and an indication of symptoms of disorders

Through this explanation, you can know and understand that a work of art can be an embodiment of someone’s mentality. But how do you know if the artwork is an indication of an unhealthy mental load? Astrid said it would be very difficult to detect, especially for the layman.

If you are currently feeling stressed because you are at home, try to create something. Whether it’s writing, painting, or composing songs.

Simple things like that will help you overcome this problem. In the end, even you as a layman should equip yourself with literacy about mental health to be able to recognize the signs of mental disorders and increase self-awareness.

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