Have Your Heating System Checked Today

The colder air is rapidly approaching and homeowners will soon be turning their furnace or boiler system thermostat up. Over time, these two systems will begin to show signs of wear and not operate efficiently. A homeowner’s energy costs will begin to increase and their home won’t be as comfortable as it was in the past. Regular maintenance of the heating system will keep it operating efficiently throughout the months it’s needed the most.

How Long Does A Furnace Last?

A furnace will last between fifteen to 20 years if regular maintenance was performed. When it hasn’t been maintained, it will need to be replaced within ten to fifteen years. When a furnace needs replaced, only a trained HVAC technician should install it.

How Long Does A Boiler System Last?

A boiler system can last for a very long time when it’s been properly maintained. The correct amount of water should be in the boiler on a regular basis. Failing to remove rust and settlement from the boiler through the drain plug will reduce the life of the system.

What Maintenance Should Be Performed On A Furnace?

A yearly inspection of the belts, electrical connections, heat exchanger and a thorough cleaning should be performed. Early detection of a belt fraying or becoming loose can eliminate a major breakdown or damage to a furnace. The burner and the pilot light or igniter should also be checked by a trained HVAC technician.

The Biggest Danger Of A Furnace

In addition to a furnace failing to operate during cold weather, a heat exchanger can crack. When a heat exchanger cracks, dangerous carbon monoxide can be released into a home and make the occupants very ill. A cracked or deteriorating heat exchanger can also increase the risk of a fire in a home.

If you want to remain warm this winter, now is a great time to have your heating system checked and serviced. It’s important to replace your furnace filter on a regular basis to keep your unit clean. Attempting to service your own furnace or boiler system could lead to extensive damage of the unit. Contact an experienced HVAC contractor for maintenance and service.