Government urged to collaborate with artists, place emphasis on arts education

Primbondh/ November 8, 2022/ arts to education

An Expressionism Artist, Damola Ayegbayo, has called on government at all levels to collaborate with artists in efforts to improve the national economy.

Ayegbayo disclosed while addressing journalists earlier in the week at an art exhibition on the input of government activities in revamping the art and tourism sector of the nation.

He said: “Exhibition plays a very important role in the art industry. People come together to attend art fairs and exhibitions, which gives government the opportunity to build to relationships with different countries, using art as a tool.

“The national art museums and institutes can be revived by the government. Foreigners should always be happy and excited to come to Nigeria to visits these museums as a means of tourism and vacations and to enhance their knowledge about the beautiful African art and culture.

“Frequent art exhibitions can be sponsored and organised nationally and internationally by the government. This will showcase great artworks from Nigerian artists, also makes them visible on the global scene, hence an increase in our human capital development.

“Also the government can build a smooth partnership with other countries and international art institute to invest in Nigeria and Nigerian artists. With this, the country will be on a global radar and our economy will be boosted.”

While speaking on the importance of arts education in Nigeria, he as well placed emphasis on how unemployment can be tackled right from elementary and secondary schools.

“Government needs to make art a very important subject in Nigerian school curriculum, as art is a way of life and a key to successful living. With this, people will see art as profession and not a mere practice.

“This will reduce unemployment and empower creative youths, as African art has been travelling beyond its borders as its beauty and uniqueness is becoming more appreciated in other countries,“ he added.

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