Five Tips for Selecting a Copier for Your Office

A copier can be a very helpful item in any office. If you need to make dozens of copies, you don’t have to wear out the ink on your computer printer. Instead, you can program the copier to make the copies in a very short amount of time. If you’re thinking about a copier for your office, there are some tips to keep in mind as you make your final selection.

Consider the Dimensions of the Space

Do you have a small office with half a dozen workers? If so, you need a copier that will not overwhelm the office space. First, figure out where you want to put your new copier, then measure the space. Be sure to leave some room on all sides so there is air circulation and the ability to move the copier within its space. Then, choose three copiers you like with the proper dimensions and weigh the pros and cons of each one to find the winner.

Think About Its Purpose in Your Business

You may want a copier for duplicating colorful graphics or collating packets for presentations. Or, perhaps you want a copier for making black and white copies and nothing else. Naturally, copiers with more functions will be more expensive. So, why pay more for a copier with features you may not need? It’s a good idea to make a list of purposes for your copier, then look for one with those capabilities.

Look at Its Stability

A full-size copier can weigh hundreds of pounds. So, you need to make sure it remains stable wherever you put it. In short, you shouldn’t be worried about the copier toppling over causing either injury to a worker or damage to itself. One way to stabilize your copier is to put it on low profile casters. That way, you can put the brakes on all four wheels to ensure the copier does not move. Also, if you do want to move the copier, you can release the brakes and carefully roll it to its new location.

Consider the Cost of Upkeep

Some copiers require a lot of upkeep such as ink or toner changes. This can get expensive. So, make sure you choose one that requires a reasonable amount of maintenance. You don’t want to spend a lot on ink and toner each month for a copier that isn’t used very often.

Research the Brand

Not surprisingly, there are many brands of copiers. It pays to do a little research on each brand to find any common complaints about them. Fortunately, most customers are honest when they review a copier they have at home or in their office. After all, there’s a good chance they rely on customer reviews themselves for various products. Look around for copiers that generally have the best reviews and stick with those brands as you choose the one you like.

Lastly, taking some time to choose a copier for your workplace can save you hassle in the future. If you really like the copier you choose, you may be buy the same brand the next time you’re in the market for a copier!