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Tips for Buying a Used iPhone

Everyone wants an iPhone but they are not easy to come by as a result of their expensiveness. It is very rare for an iPhone to be on sale. If you wish to get one for a less price, buying a used iPhone may be your best bet.

Refurbished iPhones will save you quite some good cash, but are the tradeoffs worth it? Here are tips on how to land on the best used iPhone deal for anyone thinking of going this route.

Get the Right Phone for Your Carrier
In general, every model of the iPhone 5 starting with iPhone 5 will operate on all phone company networks. It is essential, however to know that the AT&T’s network uses an extra LTE signal which results in some areas having a faster network than others. Buying an iPhone that was designed for use with Verizon and bringing it for use an AT&T network means that you will have no access to that extra LTE signal. Ask the iPhone seller to offer you the model number so that you can check its suitability to your network carrier.

Ensure that it is not Carrier Locked
Prior buying an iPhone, ensure that you call your company to confirm whether it can activate the phone. In Order to get this, ask the seller for the phone’s IMEI or MEID number and then call your carrier and give them that number; they should be able to identify any problem.

Buy one with the Right Storage Capacity
It is quite alluring to settle for low prices, but beware of the fact that most of the refurbished iPhones are not the new models and have less storage space. The current top-of-line iPhones offer up to 256GB of storage. Some of the cheap models have as little as 16GB space, but you must not settle for anything less than 32GB.

Check the Battery
Since the iPhone battery is irreplaceable, make sure that the battery life of any used iPhone you buy is good. An iPhone that has not been used for long should have a decent battery life but one that has over a year needs to be scrutinized. You can ask the seller as many questions as you can regarding the battery and inquire if they can fit a new one before you purchase. You can also make sure that you confirm the return policies in case the battery turns out not to be as lively as they say.

Features Vs. Price
It is important that you know the features you want when purchasing a used iPhone. A used iPhone will most likely be from the previous models and not contain as many features as the new ones; the idea is that you know what features it has and that you are fine with it. The price should also match the features.

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