75 Artists On How They Spent a Year in Coronavirus Lockdown

Primbondh/ January 28, 2023/ the 7 arts

1. What’s one thing you made this year?

Aaron Dessner, musician and producer

Right as the quarantine started, I started writing so much music, and I had no idea what it was. There was no horizon line, there was a lot of uncertainty — so I just made a lot of music that I didn’t know what it was for. And that’s when Taylor Swift approached me.

Tig Notaro, comedian

I made two podcasts. I’m considering a third. And I somehow ended up being green-screened into a zombie action film where I’m a helicopter pilot. I didn’t see that coming. It was kind of like when I was doing “Star Trek” and I was like, “Really? Me?” And then oddly when I was in my “Star Trek” suit it was like, “Oh I guess it doesn’t seem so weird.

Kyle Abraham, choreographer

I probably made seven or

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Number 7 Arts Gallery welcomes new artist | Arts

Primbondh/ January 24, 2023/ the 7 arts

Number 7 Arts Gallery welcomes Laurie Davis as its newest member artist. Davis is a watercolor artist and builds found-object assemblages from small, vintage boxes. She and her husband relocated to Brevard from Texas last year. “Laurie has an impressive background and we are excited to have her as a new member of the gallery” says Jack Christfield, chairman of the gallery’s jury committee.

 “The main focus of my work is fresh colorful watercolors with pattern and design elements,” Davis said. “Sometimes I’ll do primary style houses in a quilt pattern that are reminiscent of the arts and crafts of simpler times. I also love the splashy style of a large sunflower that wakes up a room. Now that we are in Brevard, the ideas for watercolors are overflowing and I can’t wait to get in the studio every morning. The ideas are keeping me up at night! My paintbox

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Performing arts picks for the week of October 17, 2022

Primbondh/ January 23, 2023/ the 7 arts

Hand-picked performing arts events around western Montana.

  • Join the Butte Symphony this Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the Mother Lode Theater in Butte! They open their 73rd season with the music of ‘Dance’ through the ages. Visit buttesymphony.org
  • Celebrate spooky season by watching Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. This show is put on by Whitefish Theater Company this Thursday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. Visit whitefishtheatreco.org.
  • The Mind of Po is being performed at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art in Great Falls this Thursday through Saturday. Get inside the mind of Edgar Allen Po while enjoying some Montana theater. Visit the-square.org.
  • Enjoy Mozart’s Requiem being performed by Helena Symphony at the Helena Civic Center. This performance is happening Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Visit helenasymphony.org.
  • The Addams Family will bring their presence to MCT Center for the Performing Arts in Missoula. This
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Where to see art gallery shows in the Washington region

Primbondh/ January 21, 2023/ the 7 arts


There’s a lot of portraiture, actual or symbolic, in “The Ties That Bind,” presented by the Millennium Art Salon at IA&A at Hillyer. The 14-artist exhibition is an overview of “the Black experience throughout the Diaspora,” according to the gallery. Among the highlights are Lisa Brown’s suite of mother-daughter photos; Chelsea Odofu’s split-screen video of African-style dance; and Liz Miller’s sculptures of braided hair, including two massive standing combs enveloped in woven tresses. The show’s standout, however, is a nonrepresentational piece.

Wesley Clark’s “God Speak” covers the side of one room with more than 100 wooden wedges, each painted like a miniature abstract-expressionist canvas. Arranged tidily in groupings of various numbers, and separated by disparate expanses of white wall, the triangular blocks stretch approximately 7 feet high and 14 feet wide. The effect is imposing, but also funky.

When activists attacked Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers,’ they

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School shooting St. Louis: 5 wounded, suspect in custody after incident at Central Visual and

Primbondh/ January 19, 2023/ the 7 arts

ST. LOUIS — At least six people, including the alleged suspect, were injured in a reported shooting at a St. Louis high school Monday morning.

Saint Louis Public Schools initially said two students were injured in the incident.

Police were on the scene just after 9:45 a.m. at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, the school district said.

“The shooter was quickly stopped by police inside CVPA. We have reports of 2 students injured and on the way to the hospital,” officials said.

RELATED: Ethan Crumbley update: Teen accused in Michigan school shooting pleads guilty to all charges

St. Louis police confirmed in a tweet just before 10 a.m. the suspect was taken into custody.

A source said the suspect was injured, but the person’s condition was not immediately known.

All other injuries might not have been gunshot wounds, the source said.

There were not believed to be any

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5 things to do this weekend, including family day at the ICA Watershed and the Rat City Arts Fest

Primbondh/ January 15, 2023/ the 7 arts

Maybe it’s something about the middle of summer that makes me want to escape for a few hours, but I’ve been watching a lot of movies and TV recently. The next thing on my summer escape agenda is to see a play. Being cuddled up at home is nice, but nothing compares to a fully produced live performance. In this weekend’s roundup of events, I’ve highlighted a new play that’s gained rave reviews called “can i touch it?,” the kick-off of Cult Classic Movie Nights at the New England Aquarium and more, below.

‘Sharknado’ at the New England Aquarium

Saturday, July 30

Just in time for “Shark Week,” the New England Aquarium is screening ocean-inspired films for Cult Classic Movie Nights. The aquarium’s Simons Theatre, one of New England’s largest theaters, allows viewers to get the full experience of ocean thrillers. Before your movie, you can visit The Reef bar

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UMaine Farmington arts center to host 3 fall events

Primbondh/ January 13, 2023/ the 7 arts

Aaron Wyanski Submitted photo

The Emery Community Arts Center on the University of Maine at Farmington campus plans to feature three fall events in the Emery Performance Space on Academy Street and are free and open to the public. The events are planned for Oct. 27, Nov. 2 and 10, according to a news release from Ann Bartges, director of UMF Emery Community Arts Center.

• The film “I Know a Man … Ashley Bryan” will be screened at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27.

Directed by Maine-based filmmaker Richard Kane and artist Robert Shetterly, the documentary film is a story about a 90-plus year-old artist who skipped and jumped in his heart like a child, yet was a spiritually deep creative genius.

Ashley Bryan was a poet and illustrator of 50 children’s books, and a maker of magical puppets and sea glass windows from found objects inspired by his African

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The 10 Best Booths at Paris+ par Art Basel 2022

Primbondh/ January 8, 2023/ the 7 arts

Art Market

Brian Ng

Installation view of Paris+ par Art Basel, 2022. Courtesy of Paris+ par Art Basel.

On Wednesday morning, hordes of collectors fell upon Paris’s Grand Palais Éphémère, the site of Art Basel’s latest franchise, Paris+. The “plus,” said director Clément Delépine during the press conference on Tuesday, stands for extra savoir faire and the “new things” the fair promises.

In practice, this meant eager crowds around the venue, which is itself a temporary replacement for the Grand Palais (which is undergoing a massive, years-long restoration). Collectors formed a bottleneck at the street entrances when the First Choice session opened at 10 a.m. The entrance at the other end, which leads to the smaller galleries’ booths, was less trafficked.

Inside, collectors swarmed. The VIP lounge instituted a “one in, one out” policy less than two hours after the doors opened. By the afternoon, the main building was sweltering

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7 Songs You Didn’t Know Roy Orbison Wrote for Other Artists

Primbondh/ December 19, 2022/ the 7 arts

His slicked-back raven hair and perceptive peer behind darkened shades, Roy Orbison was also a “Man in Black.” Primarily in head-to-toe black clothing, Orbison crooned through country and rockabilly tales of breakups, heartache, and lonely days. From his earliest crack at songwriting—and the first song he ever wrote—”Go Go Go” for his group The Teen Kings in the mid-’50s to his later experiments with sound, incorporating a more doo-wop sway on his first major hit “Only the Lonely (Know the Way I Feel)” in 1960.

Over a 30-plus year career with hits like “Running Scared” and “Crying” in 1961, “In Dreams” in 1963, and his 1964 classic “Oh, Pretty Woman,” every song was distinguishable by his piercing tenor and dramatic falsetto. Orbison earned the nicknames “The Caruso of Rock” and “The Big O” for his near-operative voice. Through his introspective storytelling, Orbison introduced more vulnerability in song—something rarely delivered in

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