Art That Can Serve As Educational Media

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Art That Can Serve As Educational Media

Art is a product of a culture that has a high value. It is known, that art usually displays a certain beauty that can be enjoyed. In addition, art also has a variety of functions. For example, to convey certain messages such as education, convey criticism, and so on. Examples of art that can function as a medium of education are as follows:

Playing Angklung

As known, an example of art that can function as an educational medium is playing the angklung musical instrument. Then, as for playing angklung itself, it will provide lessons in the form of an attitude to work together.

As we know, playing angklung is usually together. When moving the angklung simultaneously will produce a sound that is rhythmic and pleasant to hear. Playing angklung can apply it in the world of education.

This is because students will try to adjust to each other so that angklung music can produce a beautiful melody.


Furthermore, art that can be used in educational media is the art of drawing. By drawing, students will try to express their ideas through visual illustrations so that they will improve their ability to think. To produce a good image can not do it just once. Students must practice continuously so that the results of the picture improve.


Next, an example of art that can function as a medium of education is dance. Dancing requires good coordination. In addition, the movements in the dance are quite complex so it requires sufficient physical ability.

Learning certain dances will make you physically strong, and your ability to memorize movements will also increase and also build cooperation between other dancers. In addition, dance also has different cultural values ​​and philosophies. Learning to dance, in this case, will hone students’ abilities.

Singing a Song

Singing is an expression of feelings that are poured in a pitched voice. In singing songs, students will learn about the right notes to do. In addition, you must learn singing techniques in order to produce a more melodious voice.

Not only that but singing a song must also be followed by an appreciation of its meaning so that the message of the song is conveyed. These songs can also be made with different lyrics. Using songs in education will make students’ memories stronger.


Then, an example of art that can function as an educational medium is painting. Painting usually uses various media depending on the ability and creativity. For example, there are watercolors, oil paints, sand, charcoal, and so on. In addition, painting does not have a certain limit.

There are abstract paintings that do not have a certain basic form, then there are contemporary paintings, renaissance, and many more. By using painting as a learning medium, students can be creative freely.


Further, there is knitting which has a variety of benefits. The benefit of this activity is to train students’ patience. You can make knitting activities a place of creativity by making certain forms of knitting yarn. Then, being able to sell knitted products, is useful to train students’ skills in business.


Sculpture requires certain skills that must be learned. The things that can be carved include wood, stone, ice, and others. Sculpting requires strength as well as precision. In addition, it is necessary to understand the big picture of the shape to be made. This can happen because you can’t change the shape of the statue back to its original state or you can only use it once.

Creating Designs

Then there is also the art of design that is growing in the digital era. Designing is very useful in student learning because it takes creativity to make a variety of unique and different designs. Can sell designs to various clients in need.

The Art of Writing

Next, an example of art that can function as an educational medium is the art of writing. Here, students will learn about various types of poetry, short stories, saga,s, and so on. By studying this art, students can express themselves through writing with neatly arranged diction and sentences so that it is easier to understand.


Then, there is the art of decorating which will also hone students’ imagination skills. Can use decoration as a learning medium by teaching decorative forms according to the existing theme. For example, decorating the room, decorating cakes, and much more. Please visit this site if you are looking for information about business treadmillsandellipticalmachines

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