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These are the 5 Arts of Effective Communication!

Primbondh/ August 2, 2022/ arts and communication

These are the 5 Arts of Effective Communication!

When we hear the word effective communication, we may immediately think about how to be a good public speaker. Mastering the science of public speaking is really needed as the ability to convey ideas in front of the public.

However, this paper does not specifically enter into that realm, but rather on communication in general. How to communicate with other people as well as possible so that the message conveyed or heard can be understood properly.

There are 5 things that deserve scrutiny so that communication becomes effective.

I call it the art of communication for these five things. Why? Because, in essence, communicating is an art, not just a theory.

When communication is practiced in the field, it needs art, it needs style. Let’s take a closer look at these five arts of communication.

First, the art of listening

Not only the ability to speak but the willingness to … Read More

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These 3 hobbies in the arts can be turned into a digital business

Primbondh/ August 2, 2022/ arts and business, Uncategorized

These 3 hobbies in the arts can be turned into a digital business

The development of technology grows very rapidly to be able to shift the pattern of people’s lives. We who are now accustomed to being spoiled by technology will slowly leave old habits so that business people are required to rack their brains and adapt to the times.

The digital business also appears along with the development of existing technology. A digital business is a business that utilizes technology to create or market goods and services through digital media. Digital businesses pave the way for hobbyists in the arts to develop their hobbies.

1. Write

Public awareness of the importance of reading has begun to show a bright spot with the development of digital platforms related to writing. So now writers also have a place to channel their hobbies.

If you have a hobby of writing, then you can start practicing writing on your personal blog until finally, many readers know … Read More

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Art That Can Serve As Educational Media

Primbondh/ August 1, 2022/ arts and education

Art That Can Serve As Educational Media

Art is a product of a culture that has a high value. It is known, that art usually displays a certain beauty that can be enjoyed. In addition, art also has a variety of functions. For example, to convey certain messages such as education, convey criticism, and so on. Examples of art that can function as a medium of education are as follows:

Playing Angklung

As known, an example of art that can function as an educational medium is playing the angklung musical instrument. Then, as for playing angklung itself, it will provide lessons in the form of an attitude to work together.

As we know, playing angklung is usually together. When moving the angklung simultaneously will produce a sound that is rhythmic and pleasant to hear. Playing angklung can apply it in the world of education.

This is because students will try to adjust to each other so … Read More

7 Artists on the Self-Care Rituals that Keep Them Creative

Primbondh/ November 27, 2022/ the 7 arts


Alina Cohen

Artmaking requires significant self-discipline and an ability to ruminate on abstract ideas for hours or days at a time, over the course of many years. Some artists turn to self-care regimens to add structure to their lives or to hone mindfulness, both of which help in furthering their art practices. The seven artists below find that activities like exercise, meditation, yoga, and drinking green tea can boost creativity, allowing them to do their best work in the studio. You can take inspiration from these rituals, whether you’re attempting to make a masterpiece or simply starting a new project.

Photo by Susan Cianciolo. Courtesy of the artist.

Portrait of Susan Cianciolo. Courtesy of the artist.

Susan Cianciolo, a longtime staple of New York’s DIY fashion and art scenes, meditates every morning for an hour. For the last 17 years, she’s downloaded meditation files from Orkie.com, which hosts the

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Business Supports The Arts Awards Breakfast. Cultural Alliance Of Western Connecticut

Primbondh/ November 27, 2022/ supports and arts

Young Audiences Arts for Learning (YA) is pleased to announce the Nationwide Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) as a main sponsor of The place Art Lives, the 61st annual Nationwide YA Conference. In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Artwork in State Buildings program, the Vermont Arts Council and the Vermont Division of Buildings and General Services created a traveling exhibit featuring roughly 50 of the 1,000 pieces within the Vermont State Artwork Collection.

As a vehicle for collaborative drawback fixing, organizations like us rely on community, collaboration and creativity among many stakeholders, and we glance to the NEA to inform and assist these projects. Support the humanities in your native space. A part of supporting the humanities is to encourage the artist to go on being an artist.

It doesn’t matter what it’s, if a local artist makes it, you might be getting originality and private consideration. Buy … Read More

Hampton-Pinckney Porchfest showcases artists to celebrate history

Primbondh/ November 26, 2022/ history of arts

GREENVILLE, S.C. (FOX Carolina) – Music filled the Hampton-Pinckney neighborhood Sunday afternoon for the second annual Porchfest in the historic district just outside downtown Greenville.

Organizers say they went bigger and better for this year’s Porchfest, with 20 musical acts on ten porches and an artisan village for the first time.

“Just a casual atmosphere for folks to come stroll the neighborhood, listen to some music, and just have a great time,” said HP Porchfest Committee Member Amy Connor.

There are no fancy stages or stadium seats, but the streets were packed.

“I have two kids and they’ve been out dancing in the street,” said Mary Catherine Navarro.

The porches in the neighborhood are a favorite spot of many who call this area home. Those who help put on Porchfest want to share that happy place with others.

“Historically, porches have always been a gathering place for neighbors, for friends,

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WVDOT, Department of Arts, Culture and History celebrate five years of Roads to Prosperity with

Primbondh/ November 26, 2022/ history of arts

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In October 2017, Gov. Jim Justice and the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) rolled out the $2.8 billion Roads to Prosperity highway and bridge construction and maintenance program. It would prove to be the largest infrastructure investment in the history of the Mountain State.
The year 2022 marks the fifth anniversary of the Roads to Prosperity Program. The WVDOT and Department of Arts, Culture and History are marking the event with an exhibit and video at the State Culture Center in Charleston celebrating the 1,263 projects made possible by the Governor’s program.
“The exhibit shows the extent of the work, in depth,” said Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner of Arts, Culture and History. “I especially love the panel that shows the photos of the equipment, and the way Division of Highways employees have the equipment they need now to do the work.”


On episode 21 of WV on
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7 Must-See Shows during Frieze Seoul 2022

Primbondh/ November 25, 2022/ the 7 arts


Ayanna Dozier

Diedrick Brackens, installation view of “Diedrick Brackens: together our shadows make a single belly,” at Various Small Fires, Seoul, 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Various Small Fires.

With loosening COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, the inaugural edition of Frieze Seoul will see a deluge of events, gallery openings, and late-night excursions that reflect the vibrancy of the capital’s arts and culture scene. Led by director Patrick Lee, the momentous event marks Frieze’s first venture into Asia’s art fair circuit, and boasts a robust roster of international galleries while paying close attention to artists and institutions across the Asian diaspora. Here, we share seven exhibitions that are not to be missed while in town for Frieze Seoul.

McArthur Binion, “DNA:Study/(Visual:Ear)”

Lehmann Maupin

September 1–October 22

McArthur Binon, detail of Untitled, 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin.

Chicago-based artist McArthur Binion has infused jazz into his abstract

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RAB Expands National Talent Program for 2023 to IBAF

Primbondh/ November 23, 2022/ arts and media

RAB Expands National Talent Program for 2023 to IBAF

National Radio Talent System

National Radio Talent System (NRTS), a division of the Radio Advertising Bureau, announces a new Radio Talent Institute scheduled to take place in person in 2023. NRTS and the Illinois Broadcasters Association Foundation will be producing the inaugural IBA Radio Talent Institute at Columbia College in Chicago on June 19-28. RAB has been developing the program for this latest institute with the leadership of the Illinois Broadcasters Association.

“We are delighted to continue to grow the footprint of the National Radio Talent System,” said RAB President and CEO Erica Farber. “Collaborating with leadership of the IBA and its Foundation to launch the first-ever institute in Chicago with affords us the opportunity to produce a first-class institute that will be immersive, engaging and rewarding for the students.”

The Illinois Broadcasters Association’s Foundation with support from the Association’s Radio

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Unsettling California | The UCSB Current

Primbondh/ November 22, 2022/ arts and media

Amidst the LA race riots of 1992, the Black man whose beating by white police was caught on video sent a question like a missive into mainstream media: “Can we all just get along?” asked Rodney King. In the recent exhibition “Unsettling California,” the question resurfaced in perforated letters cut from a wax-dripped paper box by Mexican-American artist Pilar Agüero-Esparza. The wax pigment is the result of melting the “skin tones” from Crayola’s “multicultural” crayon sets.          

Agüero-Esparza is one of 11 artists who presented work in “Unsettling California,” in the Glass Box Gallery, co-curated by Dani Kwan and Samantha Harris, graduate students in art and education, respectively. Other artists exhibited include Debra Scacco, Devon Tsuno, Hillary Mushkin, Jessica Bellamy, Kate Saubestre, Marisa de la Peña, Margaret Laurena Kemp, Mercedes Dorame, Sarah Rosalena Brady and Silas Munro. Three of the artists are affiliated with UCSB. Sarah Rosalena Brady is an assistant

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Yes on Prop. 28. Arts education for kids is critical

Primbondh/ November 22, 2022/ arts to education

This summer, Desert Sun reporter Jonathan Horwitz wrote a moving article about the retirement of longtime Palm Springs High School band and visual corps directors Brian and Beverley Ingelson. Under their auspices, Palm Springs High students performed around the world, including at the Sydney Opera House, Disneyland Paris, the Great Wall of China and the second inauguration parade for President Barack Obama. It’s amazing to see our local kids attaining the proficiency to perform at such places and have these world-expanding opportunities at such a young age. 

Arts education has been shown time and time again to improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork. It is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking and verbal skills. Palm Springs High is fortunate to have a strong performing arts program with robust community support. But not all schools in California, let alone our valley, are so lucky.

State law requires

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Best Arts & Culture 2022

Primbondh/ November 21, 2022/ arts & culture

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Best Gallery

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

6300 N. Swan

520-299-9191, degrazia.org

What started as a small construction project in the early 1950s is now the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, designed and built by artist Ettore Ted DeGrazia. The first building to go up was an adobe mission chapel out of bricks made from the mud of the 10-acre property. Now you, too, may visit the open-roofed Chapel of the Sun, dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as DeGrazia’s works in ever-changing exhibits that trace historical events and native cultures of the Southwest. You may also tour the grounds, visit DeGrazia’s home and see the cactus corral. Plus, there’s a pretty sweet gift shop and a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Reader Recommended

Madaras Gallery, 3035 N. Swan Road, 520-615-3001, madaras.com

Etherton Gallery, 340 S. Convent Avenue, 520-624-7370, ethertongallery.com


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Ceremony Opens 50th Anniversary of Golden Gate National Parks

Primbondh/ November 20, 2022/ arts & culture


As bike tours passed, locals walked their dogs and lines of pelicans flew overhead, government officials, community leaders and dozens in ranger “flat hats” gathered in Fort Mason this morning to mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), the first urban national park in the United States.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) headlined a group of leaders who took the podium in Fort Mason’s Great Meadow under a larger-than-life statue of Phillip Burton, the congressman from San Francisco who authored the legislation that created the GGNRA that was signed into law by President Richard Nixon on Oct. 27, 1972.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi attends the Golden Gate National Recreation Area 50th Anniversary ceremony in Fort Mason on Oct. 26, 2022. | Maryann Jones Thompson for The Standard

“We have been coming to this park with our

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